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Cogitation, LLC LISTENS to understand your goals, challenges, resources and style

Cogitation, LLC will EXECUTE on time, on budget and with continued communication and feedback.

A PLAN is carefully prepared for your review - an action plan that will deliver the results you need to meet goals

Kevin McCourt takes the time to THINK about strategies and tactics to meet your goals  with existing and available resources.  

cog·i·ta·tion  [koj-i-tey-shuhn] noun

1.concerted thought or reflection; meditation; contemplation: After hours of cogitation he came up with a new proposal.
2.the faculty of thinking: She was a serious student and had a great power of cogitation.
3.a thought; design or plan: to jot down one's cogitations.

​ Unabridged. Random House, Inc.  (accessed: November 23, 2013).


  • Marketing Assessment
  • Web & Digital Media
  • Social Media & Networking
  • Event Management
  • Association Management
  • Contract and Outsource Assignments
  • Tradeshow & Exhibit | Sales & Logistics


Cogitation, LLC, we received another lead from our website. It’s the gift that keeps on giving.  Thanks again for your work.”

From the owner

Ocean View, DE


From the owner

Dagsboro, DE


"Your hands on approach and personalized service are in invaluable commodity and I would gladly refer you to other business owners looking to take their web presence to the ‘next level’.  

I think that letting prospects know that they can be as involved or ‘un-involved’ (as in my case) in the work would be a terrific selling point for small business owners like myself who have little or no time to invest in learning web design, but who would rather focus their limited time and resources to their primary occupation, whatever that may be.  

Thank you again for all you’ve put into our project Kevin.  We’ve already had lots of positive feedback in just in the last week.”

​Heather Bouges